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WHAT makes us pizza nerds?

Rugrats, Legends of the Hiden Temple, Super Nintendo, Friday nights at Blockbuster, Saved by the Bell, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – the ’90s were the decade that defined our youth as 2 kids growing up in western Pennsylvania.

Years have since passed since the glorious pizza days of our youth, but our love of pizza has not wavered. And not just love for any pizza – that SPECIAL pizza that lives on in our hearts from our childhood. You know what pizza I’m talking about – the local pizza joint that hosted every birthday party, every school dance, and late-night sleepovers at your friend’s house.

That special pizza looks different for all of us. For us, that pizza is what we’ve been chasing since we moved to central Ohio. Thank goodness we couldn’t find that special pizza around here – because it pushed us to go in a different direction as a couple of corporate nurses working from home…

Our first “child”, Farm Fired Pizzas, gave us the opportunity to hone our craft and make delicious wood-fired pizzas in our local community from Newark and Heath to Johnstown and Frazeysburg. We enjoyed getting to know the familiar faces we saw every week and getting to know this new area we were calling home.

We spent 2 years pulling that beautiful pizza wagon around, and now we have the chance to bring our childhood pizza dream to our fellow Pizza Nerds in central Ohio. a pizza that always brings us back to being a kid in the 90s!

Pizza Nerds will continue to bring you the best, hand-made, and locally sourced ingredients on our FAVORITE type of pizza. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Party on, Pizza Nerds!


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